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Sitesec Lite

Our cost effective security system to get the job done.

 We can efficiently install anywhere in Australia‚Äč

Do more with less.

The Sitesec Lite system helps bring great security and the other staple Sitesec features to any site.

Plug it in, open your app, and the pre-configured Sitesec Lite system is ready to work with our refined system.

Perfect for smaller sites, shaded inner-city sites where solar is not an option, or internal works like shop fit-outs, we have designed the system to be widely compatible.

Plug and play

Easy to use and already configured, all Sitesec Lite systems come pre-loaded with your login from time of order.

Accurate, intelligent alarms

Using Artificial Intelligence, the Sitesec Lite borrows features from our flagship product. Automatically trigger site alarms and alert the control room if an intruder is on site.

2-way audio

Hear the action with built-in microphones, and speak back straight from our Sitesec application. Perfect for entry areas and deliveries.

Quality vision

Easily access HD camera vision, recorded and stored for 30 days in the cloud. Easily download from your app to share with a client or upload progress to social media.

240v site powered, universally mountable

All you need is some power and a place to put it. Attach to a Sitesec supplied pole, site power pole, hoarding board, a shelf, scaffolding or just about anywhere else you could need it.

For a new type of requirement

Sitesec Lite bridges the gap between a secured site and relying on a site fence.

More sites can now access excellent security and project management features that were only possible with larger systems.

Adam Robson - Director


Standard with every Sitesec Lite system

Compare Our Security Products

Sitesec Capture

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Sitesec Lite

Our cost effective system to get the job done.

Our cost effective security system to get the job done.

Your questions answered

We offer a flat monthly rental with a one-off installation fee. We never charge variations or extra hidden fees (like security call out, extra data usage etc.)

A site, 240v power and somewhere to mount the system if you don’t elect to have a pole provided.
Either elect to have one of our technicians attend the site to install, or have the system sent pre-configured straight to you.

All systems come with 2 x large Sitesec signs.

Secure your site today

Rent a Sitesec system with flexible terms

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