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Sitesec Look

Advanced Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) solution for enhanced project management.

 We can efficiently install anywhere in Australia‚Äč

Lift the lid on site activity.

Sitesec Look helps you be in multiple places at once, remotely.

Look around your site, zoom in on specific areas and record what’s happening. The Sitesec Look enables excellent clarity over large sites or remote work areas that could benefit from better clarity.

Zoom in

Use the Sitesec application to zoom in on anything quickly. Due to the premium glass optical zoom lens, zoom in up to 200 metres away in full quality.

Look around

Quickly look around, control the camera angles to look around at all activity on site. Easily capture a log of works from anywhere, reducing the amount of time on-site visits for progress shots.

See in the dark

The Sitesec Look provides impressive night vision. We know it’s essential to look around at any hour, especially to confirm after-hours activity. The Sitesec Look uses long-range, high-powered infrared lights to get a clear image at all distances.

Works next to your other Sitesec products

Control the Sitesec Look right from the same application as our other systems, under one login, making the process of checking multiple sites and cameras seamless.


Standard with every Sitesec Look system

Our advanced Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) solution for enhanced project management.

Your questions answered

We offer a flat monthly rental with a one-off installation fee. We never charge variations or extra hidden fees (like security call out, extra data usage etc.)

A site, and that’s about it. Our systems are completely stand alone, with one flat rental fee that includes everything from power to data connection.
Either elect to have one of our technicians attend the site to install, or have the system sent pre-configured straight to you.
All systems come with 2 x large Sitesec signs.

Secure your site today

Rent a Sitesec system with flexible terms

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